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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 5, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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lindsey hurt the same knee while training but yesterday says she feels fine go get 'em. >> we got revised numbers on the economy and it looked great and still the dow is down today. i bottom line cavuto. -- i blame cavuto. if it's bad, it's cavuto. >> ca-ching, ca-ching, the new obamacare girl. winning a contest aimed at getting young people to sign up, telling them not to worry about the price tag. good thing she isn't because it's looking like the rest ofy . >> go ahead and sing it up but young people still ain't signing up, and as the new poll is any indication they won't be anytime soon. the polls finding only 22% of young people, the so-called
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millenials, plan to sign up at all. 51% think healthcare costs will go up due to the law and one out of ten things the costs will go down. that's a downer for the president, pushing hard to get the young folks signed up. hadley says it's going to be a hard sell. this is a group he has to win over and he is not. >> right. the last thing that millenials need at this point is another two-minute video with song and dance or pretty graphics. we need real information about our options and i believe that when those facts come to light, when people know what their options are in 2014, those facts are very discouraging, and as you mentioned the harvard poll, 57% of millenials dive approve of obamacare. >> it's a mistake to reward someone who is song is titledded "forget about the price tag." she is reaching ute to young people but serves as a label for
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a submissive administration to deal with these hassles people are facing and the cost pressures folks are facing. >> the defense of the video contest winner, she means forget about the price tag, as if the price tag won't matter, of its it's so affordable you won't have to worry about your healthcare costs anybody, but you're right, this is about two sides of the ledger. when obama cars promise -- obamacare -- we have to look at the costs and the colorado are significant, especially for young adults to the american academy of act wares say 80% of people under the age of 30 will pay more for obamacare and that is taking into account the sub days. >> i'm delighted to hear the winning song does not bash fox but if you play it backwards, i'm told it says, fox is bad, fox is bad. it's a news musical pitch
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but is not able to win them over and not winning recruits of trying to use thattic star -- athletic starts and hollywood stars, then what? >> well, i think it comes down to personal experience. the personal experiences that people have while trying to sign up for health insurance, whether it's threw the web site or on phone. what people are hearing from their employer about the availability of health benefits or having their job hours scaled back to part time, those real-world experience drive people's opinions and that is every bit as true of millenials. >> you're losing money, you're losing money, you're losing money. ♪ one is the loneliest number that youle ever do ♪ ♪ >> one and done, because of the new study is right that's how many times we're told the
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president met one-on-one with his health' human services kathleen sebelius since the health care law passed amendments according to an institute which tracked the official white house counter. we should stress here that doesn't necessarily mean that was the only time the president maybe met with kathleen sebelius. it's possible he called her on the phone and said, come over. that wouldn't pop up on the meter. pat knows having worked for jimmy carter. what do you make of it? >> even more news, the gai is saying the president met with the secretary of the navy down below, made this twice as much as she met with sebelius. had two private meetings. but more importantly, since october 1st, as far as they can determine so far, after the
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roleout, you know how many meetings the president has had with sebelius? about the crisis? zero. >> how do we know that? give white house cal calendar, the president cack call her up. that wouldn't be on the calendar -- >> the logs of calls are available, as well as -- >> was that part of this? >> no. this was, i think just -- but if you're the president and you have a crisis -- i've sat there we're in crisis. you have amassments somebody is responsible -- you have a mess. somebody is responsible. they get their rear owneds to the oval office and the president says, what's going on, or groups of people. the person in charge, but this is -- but don't be surprised. >> i think you're being up fair here. >> no. >> today your -- pardon me --
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>> if it's not on your schedule, still in the log, and the logs -- this is a transparent white house, neil. >> how often did jimmy carter call you in without you officially being on the canal dash. >> i wasn't part of the government staff. >> i understand that. >> anytime i -- or i just showed up but you didn't show up on the calendar. >> i did? >> you did. >> it gets registered if you see the president. >> after the fact? >> yeah. of course. they have to have a record -- by the way, i bet you all the times i went to into the residence are registered. >> i'm just asking. >> i'm not saying -- >> i'm kidding. when you look at this and say whether it was on the calendar or not, the fact that we have very few official calendar reports down to one, that's telling you what? >> the president is entirely -- let's go to the heart of the matter, like "being there." peter sellers, never engaged.
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this president is not engaged. it's not hands on on. >> maybe he was trusting his lieutenants. we had former senator bill nelson who said early on they were warning, mr. president, if you want -- that is after the fact they were sending a message, don't keep saying that. and the didn't know whether that was directly conveyed to the white house. >> the problem here is the white house has been on the wanted the bill passed. doesn't care what happens. enough it's not go so well. let me tell you, it's his inexperience at handling crisis. you don't call up people and have them come in the oval office? she should have been there every week. >> the phone thing would also be -- >> the phone -- if i callow, that's right going to show. >> phone records are there, too, but the fact is, the president would want to meet with you. the president would want to look you in the eye and say, what are you doing? what is wrong?
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bring your people over. i'm getting killed by this. the president is strangely disengaged. not only on this, on other issues andow yao get back to my point about chauncey gardner. when this is a disengaged president whose interest is, i will give a speech. that will work. this president writes his rhetoric as being persuasive beyond all belief,, he believes his mission is to go out, if i say -- it's like the audience yesterday with the young people, standing behind him, all benefited from obama cars. this is all about props and talk and her is the thrust of what i'm concerned about, the country is, the defenders of the president's attitude, which, we know better than you do. we are -- first of all we know better than you do. you can't be trusted and we're serving the larger good and this
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is -- we have a right to lie to you for that reason. >> i think you're just being aharter. >> i'm not a hater. >> thank you very much. >> i'm a liberal. >> all right. now to ed henry at the white house. and what it is saying. edward? >> good to see you, jay carney was not asked about this specifically at the briefing but i can tell you that they previously talked about how secretary sebelius had been at the white house many times, group meetings, whether it's a cabinet meeting, the president with the chief of staff and kathleen sebelius. obviously they're going to get more scrutiny how closely she worked with the president before the crisis, and also as you were just discussing, hough they tried to dig out of it. interesting, as they try to dig out of it, one thing they have been doing is trying to turn the page on the president making the promise about how, if you like your plan, you get to keep it. they don't want to talk about that anymore because obviously the president was battered over that. so interesting that in the last couple of days back home in nevada, senator harry reid, the
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majority leader, decided to reengage in that debate and told a local tv station that the president told the truth. all along. that has raised some skepticism month republicans and i asked jay carney. >> do you agree with senator reid, if you have plan you like, the insurance you like, you can keep it? >> i think the president has addressed this in detail, not just in anxious questions but also in making policy change to address the problem that has arisen because of cancellations. i think he acknowledged this created problems that need to be addressed. >> someone who has got 'the new plan and does not like it is the speaker of the house, john boehner. unlike some other lawmakers and staffers on the hill who do not want to sign up through the d.c. exchange, boehner says he signed he and his wife up on his own, and here's what he says came out
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of it. take a listen. >> my health insurance premiums are going to dowel. -- double. my copays and deductibles triple under obama -- obamacare. i'm thrilled to death. >> jay carney previously indicated the president is likely to sign up as well. >> thank you very much. ed henry at the white house. well to the fast food protest, is this really about the workers or are unrons pulling a fast one? hermon -- herman cane after this. it's donut friday at the office. and i'm low man on the totem pole. so every friday morning they send me out to get the goods. but what they don't know is that i'm using my citi thankyou card at the coffee shop, so i get 2 times the points. and those points add up fast. so, sure, make me the grunt. 'cause i'll be using those points to help me get to a beach in miami. and allllllll the big shots will be stuck here at the cube farm. the citi thankyou preferred card.
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♪ >> that is just the first serving. a supersize fight for a supersize wage that will be going on all week, into next week fast-food workers backed by union groups, walking off the
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job, turning off the volume. david lee miller is in lower manhattan. >> reporter: not clear is precisely how many fast food workers today actually walked off of the job. we are in lower manhattan right now in a rally is expected to get underway wind the next half hour. a number of rallies throughout the day and throughout the country. the demonstrators demanding that the minimum wage for fast food workers raise it to $15 an hour. at a rally in brooklyn this morning there war a few tense moments when demonstrators tried to firs their way into a wendy's. they were stopped by security. the overwhelming number of the demonstrators appear to be from sayreous unions and special interest groups. the p.r. firm hired by the organizers lists among his clients some of the most powerful unions in the country. so, how many of the demonstrators actually work at fast-food restaurants? it's difficult to tell.
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mcdonald's employee we talk to at a rally this morning at mid-found said the 7.25 wage is not enough to live on. listen. >> i believe this company is a largest company and they can afford to pay $15 an hour. they make billions of dollars a year. and they can afford it. >> reporter: the national restaurant association says only 5% of restaurant employees make the federal minimum wage. the group says raising the minimum wage would cost jobs, especially from the impact caused be obamacare, and hiking the federal minimum wage would cost nearly half a million jobs. the lobbying group, union facts, says that raising the minimum wage is simply up realistike. >> you can translate your need for more money on to every business and say i have three kids to feed so pay me more. that's not how the compensation
1:17 pm
system works in this country. >> and as best we can tell, most fast-food businesses today were conducting business as usual. it appears that there wasn't any impact from this so-called strike, neil, it was minimal. >> how real, how probable is this rage? herman cain says considering who is funding these protests one has to wonder. the former -- president of godfather's pizza. running the fast food industry. herman, you see and hear what's going on. how many of those who are protesting are fast-food workers and holm just might be union plants? i sometimes wonder. >> neil, i believe that most of them are union plants, because my experience with minimum wage workers, having led the national restaurant association, is that most of them appreciate those jobs and here is why. they are not minimum wage jobs,
1:18 pm
they are starting jobs. and what never comes through the liberal rhetoric, most people who start at minimum wage, if they do a good job they get increases within six months. and the other thing that never comes through the noise is that if you artificially force the minimum wage to go up, like david said, that would be job losses. the losers would be the minimum wage workers or the potential workers and the consumers, because any prices would be passed on to the consumer. the only winners no these protests are the unions. >> you're right to say, herman, that these are starting wages, but what if we don't -- just start them a little higher. you say what? >> well, you can start them a little higher, but that means that we're going to hire fewer.
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that's the fact of the matter. the biggest misconception is that businesses don't want to pay more than the minimum wage because they are cheap. that is not the case. most of the businesses that hire minimum wage workers are trying to stay in business. they would love to pay them more -- >> herman, it's one thing to go to mcdonald's and -- but the fact of the matter is, these are all franchise type operations. >> yes. >> it's the franchiseees who are not these big behemoths. it's down to actually hundreds of thousands of small enterprises that are responsible for these workers. right? >> that's a great point. every restaurant is an independent business, and if it can't stand on its own two feet, and in terms of its ability to make money, that unit will close. people think that because
1:20 pm
mcdonald's is a big corporation and they report big profits, that trickles down to an individual unit. it does not. every unit is treated like an individual small business, and they simply just cannot drive those wages up to $15. let me just add one other thing, neil. they can keep pushing for $15 if they want to and if eventually they get it for whatever reason -- i don't think that's how i ought to about -- pretty soon you'll be going into a fast-food restaurant, and instead of a human being asking you, do you want fries, you're going to have a robot going, do you want fries with that? because businesses are going to figure out a way to stay in business and they're going to move more and more toward automation if they have to. >> they're now work only unionizing those machines. we interrupt this fast-food fight for an even faster moving storm. we track it down.
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get ready for an arctic blast it that's going to kick a third of this country's hiney. ahere should is -- alicia is in denver. >> it's six degrees here in denver and we're going to get a high of eight degrees today, which is nothing compared to overnight where we hit minus 15, which tied a record set back in 1972. i talked to an emergency room doctor today who told me he stepped outside to talk to me and within a minute he had frost nip. they're seeing folks with frostbite they're getting within a matter of minutes. we're talking about tissue damage at this point. the problem is that coloradoans are used to being outside in
1:25 pm
28-degree weather, clearing their driveways, but the weather folks said this morning it felt lying minus 26 degrees. that is not normal. in fact people cannot do the stuff they're used to doing, and it's very dangerous. the same goes for the roads. we don't have a lot of snow there, no accumulation. what we have had, according to the public works, is a lot of ice and they have been using a de-icer, and it comes in a liquid so they pour it on the ice, it freezes, and then it turns into like an ice skating rink. so that's not working. they're also using this chunky dry stuff and that helps. >> slow going, a lady almost spun out going up the hill. >> one of the best ways to be safe is by notices what is in front of you and take off the gas instead of braking.
1:26 pm
when spun brakes it causes a bunch of people to brake and people start to skid. >> all i care about is tuesday. that's when the national weather service says that we're going to be above freezing. we're going to hit 33 degrees here and the denver bureau is going to hold a luau. >> just how bad and cold does this get and who gets hit next? we're in the fox weather center with some answers. >> it stays cold. it's a story she was just saying, stays cold and we're going to talk about a big ice storm event here. this where is you see the precipitation lined up. the southern side of it is rain. the northern side is snow, thin stream, but that's where the ice is, and i'll show you more of that. temperature-wise, looking a this. through monday, high temperature in the five days of 18 degrees. overall night lows, below zeroing are right around zero so it's a pro longed cold event and very cold event. here's your current
1:27 pm
temperatures. right there is where the front is stalled out, and stalled out. it's not going to move much. it's a very slow-moving system, and talking about wind chill in the minus 20s. minus 23 in sioux falls, and dallas, your high temperature this weekend is going to be 36. 37 on sunday. and then go to monday, and a big problem here. we see more cold air come into the northern plains, so a new shot of cold air will get temps for parts of north dakota and minnesota colder than you have been during this spell. so we're here for a while. this is where we're seeing the big concern with icing, parts of north central texas, in throughout parts of southern missouri and illinois, and there's ice storm warnings in effect. we'll likely see areas that see over half an inch of glazing, and you can't drive on it. still a lot of leaves on the trees. that breaks and falls off.
1:28 pm
a beg power outage event for a lot of people, going to last quite a while unfortunately. >> rick, thank you very, very much. >> young and restless and now clueless? that's what the white house seems to be saying about young folks who do not sign up for health care. maybe the white house should get a clue and find out why they're not steining up. across america people are taking charge
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>> if young people are not signing up, get ready for cos to -- for costs to go up. >> the signups have begun and we hope we get lots of young, healthy people signing up. the results are mixed. some polls indicate young don't want to sign up, some indicate i they might. we don't know yet. we have to get these young people signed up to make these thing work. >> why do some states have more progress doing that -- california comes to mind -- than others. what is going on? >> well, i think you really got a red-state, blue-state situation here. a lot more cooperation broadly in a state like california from leaders, from the media, pushing it. we don't know what we have in california. california is a very, very early situation right now. california is only signed up 100,000 people. california has 3 million people. between the cancellations and the uninsured.
1:33 pm
that are eligible for the exchanges. this is like looking as election night returns five minutes after the polls 0 close. we don't know yet. >> what is interesting or what we're finding out, in a lot of states it's not just the republican governor states or republican leader states that are having the problems. in in maryland, dominated by a democratic government and legislature. it's one of the biggest problems, and that flies the the in face or of what the administration is arguing, the republican governors are trying to tear this thing apart and stop it in its tracks. >> it's too early. the results are too early. the real issue here, neil, when you look at what these people are expected to buy. young people are expected to pay 10% of their after-tax income for health insurance policy that might have a $2,000 deduct illinois and some states the
1:34 pm
deductible is up to $6,000. these people are the healthy, invincibles and not a lot of people have disposable income no matter they're age to to have to put 10% of your disposable income out for something that is a piece of paper with a big deductible, is an uphill battle to convince these people to purchase. >> bottom line, the site is up and running and getting better and more people log on. apparently they're doing so but don't like what they see and log off. >> well, yeah. again, i think what you're going to see here is the president and the administration generally are going to have a campaign unlike we saw in 2008, unlike we saw in 2012, to save obamacare and they'll be pushing hard to get the young invincibles signed up. they want to sign sign 7 million people up by march 31. they won't have a million and a half people by december 1, which is a big deadline. you have to believe people who want insurance, who value
1:35 pm
insurance, have preexisting conditions, or lost policies, they're going to do everything they can to be signed up by december 31. so the march 31 deadline is the procrastinator's deadline. so the administration is going to have an uphill battle to get the enrollment up to what they need it to get to. >> all the wrong people signing up. i thank you very much. >> you're welcome good seeing you. >> used to say, well, we're going replace it with something better. there's not even a pretense now that they're going to replace it with something better. they reason why the opponents of this law throughout have never been able to actually offer a better alternative. >> you still think this law is a bad idea, then tell us specifically what you would do differently. >> we have a repeal with no replacement. no alternative. >> they had some better ideas? i've already told them i'm happy to hear them. but i haven't heard any so far. >> you haven't been watching the show.
1:36 pm
we featured no fewer than half a dozen congress men andwomen who have plans and have been sitting on the shelves. so republicans have come up with a number of plans that would counter the one the white house is now pushing. congressman phil rose of tennessee is one of them. always bugs me. i don't care what side you take but to assume one side is just attacking and has no alternatives, yours is recent but the theme is consistent, with a republicans who want to look at a private market approach and a more efficient way of doing this. how will yours work? >> the way it works -- before i answer that to your previous guest, with the large detickettibles, let me past a fact today along that hospitals are seeing. in our local area, 40% of the noncollectable diets are people with insurance, so the higher the detickettibles, the more you're going to see. so providing somebody insurance doesn't mean it's going to pay for anything and that's
1:37 pm
something we're -- >> a very good point. you carry a little more weight because you're a doctor. explain how yours would work. >> we were asked to put a bill together with a re commitey, they had a great economyee, said we want a bell that doesn't have any mandates, people are not foesed to do it. number two, it's market, driven. no new taxes and you have to equalate is it it's a 180 page bail. it will increase -- the premise, neil, of the affordable care act i completely agree with, which is to lower costs and to increase access. i 100% agree with that. we repeal the affordable care act, we do something in tax treatment that should have been done 70 years ago, and we equalize the tax treatment between an individual and a company. when i worked in a medical practice, our practice provided insurance. when i retired, the next day to run for public office to run for
1:38 pm
congress, i had to pay first dollar, and we give family a $20,000 standard deduction for health insurance. let's say you make 60,000 a year, your tax able income is only 40. if you signed the policy that costs $15,000, which is going to ask crowd to shop, not have the government tell you what to buy but to shop fine what's in your bin, let's say it cost 15, you still get the $155,000 detailable. we allow you to buy -- >> this sounds great. what are democrats saying? they say republicans are doing squat. >> well, they're absolutely wrong about that. i heard that intro with the president, and he said this four years ago, and i wrote him a letter, and said, i will be glad to go over this line-by-line and share ideas that actually work, and in tennessee we have gone through a failed healthcare experiment called tenn-care. haven't heard a word yet. i spoke to the president in the
1:39 pm
white house one day with my physician colleagues there, we're still waiting on a phone call back april. political rhetoric. >> thank you very much. i want to point out he is one of half a dozen with some policies and procedures and ready to go if anyone is even remotely interested. if conservatives are off their rocker, why are they locking the -- rocking the "new york times" best several list?
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look at this "new york times" best several list. most of the authors dominating the top five are considered, well, a little more conservative. now is that a coincidence? brian killmeade is one of them. unlike this other fellows,
1:43 pm
brian's book is actually really good. i'm kidding about the others. george washington's secret six, and something i heard about, about these mysterious six, almost seem like secret agented who saved washington. >> here's the thing. with all we have going on in our lives i could not get away from the story. i stumbled into it. couldn't believe i went to long island university and didn't know about it. it's a mix of history and mystery. i felt like i was pursuing a story that was developing while i was pursuing something that was done 200 years ago. and i went and visited the graves of these five men and i thought -- the sixth is a woman we have yet to identify -- i saw how nondescript they were. >> these six helped behind the
1:44 pm
scenes to win a war for washington. >> civilian spies. a seaman, long horman, a grocery -- longshoreman, grocery store owner, primmer, like a journalist, riffington, then you have a -- the long shoremen, the socialite, and the one who put it together was a captain, and i got his first-hand account of working with washington, putting the ring together, being on occupied long island in new york city, right near manhattan, where the british called their headquarters so they needed a cover store. a bartendser bartendser who wene biz horse. you have trouble getting in your car. these guys are going by horse to pick up supplies, but really picking up letters. >> people are responding to this, very uplifting -- i don't want to give away this stuff but you go back to a time and just appreciate history, but history -- between you and
1:45 pm
o'riley, it's really -- they don't -- >> it's refreshing to think in a time in which everybody is getting cynical, people appreciate american history, and i know by the letters and people who wrote me and ask me and tell me this or that. they are so interest history, and i can't believe the knowledge of the average person. they're thirsting for stories and isn't it go to know that george washington lived up to the hype. the eye con, the guy on the side of the mountain, is everything and more than we thought he was. >> but he had a spy ring. >> which is part of his -- >> this don yeager, sports illustrated -- >> written over 20 books. >> he is your martin deguard. >> they got together three years ago. we've been friends for a while, i and i think -- >> are you saying o'reilly -- >> they're a great team. >> the future --
1:46 pm
>> no, sadly, there is no grand plan. a story i have been studying for 20 years. and if you get me on the cavuto show, this would be my ticket. >> we have breaking news. i apologize. we just learned dish apologize -- this juncture to say that nelson mandela had died. nelson mandela, who has been ill for some time. they're making a formal announce independent south froze, let's cut into that. >> those who knew that this day would come, his humility, his compassion, and his humanity, and their loss. our thoughts and prayers are with the mandela family.
1:47 pm
to them we owe a debt of gratitude. they have sacrificed much and endured much so that our people could be free. our thoughts are with his wife. his former wife, winnie mandela, with this children, his grandchildren, his great-grandchildren, and the entire family, our thoughts are with his friends, comrades, and colleagues. who fought alongside him over
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the cause of a lifetime of struggle. our thoughts -- today mourn the loss of the one person who, more than any other, came to embody their sense of -- national. our thoughts are with the millions of people across the world who embrace him as their own. and who saw his cause as their cause. this is the moment of deep sorrow.
1:49 pm
our nation has lost its greatest son. yet what made nelson mandela great was precisely what made him human. we saw in him what we seek in ourselves. and in him, we saw so much of us. fellow south africans, nell son mandela brought us together, and it is together that we will bid him farewell. our beloved matiba will be
1:50 pm
accorded a state funeral. i have ordered that all flags of the republican of south africa be lowered to half mast that we will wish him farewell. our beloved will be. i've ordered all flags of the republic of south africa be lowered to half mast from tomorrow 6th of december and to remain at half mast until after the funeral. we gather to pay our last respects. let us conduct ourselves with the dignity and the respect that he personified. let us be mindful of his wishes and the wishes of his family.
1:51 pm
as we gather wherever we are in the country and wherever we are in the world. let us recall the values. let us reaffirm his vision of a society in which none is exploited, oppressed, or dispossessed by another. let us commit ourselves to strive together spelling neither strength or courage to build a united non racial, non sexist,
1:52 pm
democratic and prosperous south africa. let us express each in our own way the deep gratitude we feel for the life spent in service of the people of this country and in the cause of humanity. that is indeed the moment of our deepest sorrow. yet it must also be the moment of our greatest determination. a determination to live as mandela has lived to strive as he has strived and to not rest
1:53 pm
until we have realized his vision of a truly united south africa. a peaceful and prosperous africa and a better world. we will always love you mandela. may your soul rest in peace. god bless africa. i thank you. >> nelson mandela has died. he was 95 years old. we got word as early as this morning from sources inside his family that he had been on his death bed. of course nelson mandela had been in and out of the hospital in june when he was admitted for an 86 day stay, longest since he
1:54 pm
was released from prison. each day the word was mandela is critical but stable. then this morning his daughter informed the world she was with him at his death bed. she said even on this day as he lay dying before them, she was learning from him that he was such an inspiration for her and has been such an inspiration for the world. after a long struggle, nelson mandela is dead now as the age of 95. >> there are few figures of the last 50 years as revered worldwide as nelson mandela, a man once condemned by his own government as a criminal and terrorist. a man that considered that government illegitimate and who's actions were decades later changed not just the government many in south africa but the nation itself. when nelson mandela walked free from prison february 11, 1990,
1:55 pm
he knew as did the rest of the worlds the domination in south a africa was about to end. he since 1948 campaigning peacefully at first and then taking part in violent resistance. in 1964 he was sentence with hard labor and sent to the robin island prison. worldwide protest against the regime quickly gathered pace. nelson mandela became the most famous political prisoner on the planet. within months of his 1990 release he was holding peace talks with the then president. in a 1990 call with abolish.
1:56 pm
he became president himself after south africa first all race election. >> i have fought a very firmly against white domination. i have fought very firmly against the nation. i cherish the idea for the use of africa where all are equal. >> nelson mandela served just one five year term but remained the perhaps most influential figure in south african politics, certainly the most loved for what he went through, dignity he displayed and change he brought about. mandela gave all credit to his fellow citizens. >> south africa, this is you the
1:57 pm
people, the true heroes. >> the nation says the final farewell to the man who perhaps more than any other public figure for the past 50 years defines that word, hero. >> jonathan hunt reporting on the passing of nelson mandela. i mentioned we learned this morning that he was gravely ill. he had been in a hospital for weeks on end. his family had gathered. his daughter at least believed the last days were upon them. in fact she said he is on his death bed. after a quarter till midnight in south africa, the president made the announcement the civil rights icon and leader to the world had passed. >> i'm shere shepherd smith in york. we have learn ed from the president of south africa that the civil rights icon nelson mandela died a short time ago at the age of 95.
1:58 pm
mandela was the first black president of south africa and an enduring icon of the struggle against racial opposition. he died according to the announcement of the governor leaving the nation without the moral center at a time of growing dissatisfaction with the country's leaders. those words lead the new york sometimes article that came out moments ago. mr. mandela spent 27 years in prison after being convicted of treason. by negotiating with captors after his release in 1990, mandela led the african national congress long a banned liberation movement to an lek to recall victory in 1994, first fully democratic election in that country's history. the new york times goes on, mandela served one term as the president and had not been seen in public since the year 2010 when the nation hosted the world
1:59 pm
cup soccer tournament. decades in prison and insist ens on forgiveness made him a potent symbol of the struggle to end the country's domination and power of peaceful resolution in even the conflicts. we are joined now on the live line, mrs. smith. a difficult day, one we had been informed would be coming. that doesn't make it easier. >> i think south africans are pleased. [ inaudible ] he was a healthy man the most of his life. the last year was painful for him. >> we've clearly lost the connection with mrs. smith her
2:00 pm
authorized biographer. she was speaking on a cellphone. we hope she'll bring a connection back with us. mr. mandela's death comes at a period of deep unease, writes the new york tiles. the past year and a half, the country faces the most serious unrest provokeed by a wave of angry miner, a deadly response on part of police, messy leadership struggle and deepening fishers between south africa's ruler masters. members of the party have said mr. mandela's near saintly legacy from years of struggle has been eroded by a scramble of self enrich. . nelson mandela died with his family around him at a hospital. it was brought to us


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